Evolution of Memory: Volume I, Part 4. Jürgen Wittenstein. White Rose in 1943.

Evolution of Memory: Volume I, Part 4. Jürgen Wittenstein. White Rose in 1943.

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Evolution of Memory: Volume I, Part 4. By Denise Elaine Heap.

Volume I traces the evolution of Wittenstein's alleged participation in White Rose resistance from his earliest days of speaking and writing about it in 1947/48, then in the 1980s, to its current state.

The author ably demonstrates how Wittenstein's "memory" has evolved as scholarship has improved. Things he didn't know, or "remembered" incorrectly in the late 80s and early 90s? Suddenly he gets them "right" - after researchers have written about those topics.

Uses actual words, documented for everyone to see and hear. Side by side comparisons make for convincing arguments! It becomes painfully clear that Wittenstein was not a member of the White Rose, and that his many essays and speeches whitewash a questionable past.

This volume contains:

  • The graffiti operation
  • The BMW leaflet
  • Sixth White Rose leaflet
  • Haecker's reading, February 4, 1943
  • Hans Scholl's connection to Gestapo informant
  • Hans Scholl's connection to England
  • February 18, 1943 - leaflet operation and first arrests
  • Reasons Scholls did not try to escape
  • Wittenstein's activities at time of arrest and fear of being arrested
  • Locking university doors on February 18, 1943
  • Who knew what had been planned
  • What Wittenstein knew
  • Arrest of Christoph Probst
  • Robert Mohr
  • Interrogations
  • Additional arrests
  • Confinement to barracks
  • Reactions on campus
  • Alexander Schmorell's attempts to flee
  • Wittenstein's visit with Dr. Hugo Schmorell
  • Wittenstein's search of the Scholl's apartment
  • February 21/22, 1943
  • Wittenstein's contact with Scholl parents
  • Regarding the founding of the People's Court
  • Regarding Judge Roland Freisler
  • Regarding the date of the first White Rose trial
  • The trial
  • The execution
  • Farewell letters - Scholl and Schmorell
  • Clemency proceedings
  • News of the incident
  • Laying a wreath on the Scholls' grave
  • Executions Wittenstein witnessed
  • Kurt Huber's arrest
  • April 19, 1943 - trial and verdicts
  • Second White Rose executions
  • Kurt Huber between trial and execution
  • Collections for Clara Huber
  • Hans Leipelt and Marie-Luise Jahn
  • Sippenhaft
  • November 17, 1943
  • Lawsuit between Wittenstein and his landlady Frau Greiner
  • Captain Buhl
  • The weapons comment
  • Request for transfer to the Italian front
  • November through December 1943

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