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We came late to fiction. Initially we focused on nonfiction. The fact-checking and research involved in that decidedly untrivial pursuit kept us too busy to venture far afield.

But when you read dusty old documents or proofread translated primary sources too long, the humanity of life in all its tattered glory shines through. You imagine what-ifs and why-nots, and stories are born.

Our initial fiction offerings have been developed in-house. These are writers whose "ear" for accurate yet loving portrayals of friends and neighbors, family and co-workers is impeccable. And trusted.

As we continue to grow and expand this line, we will bring you works from writers outside our comfortable four walls. Our standards will stay the same. We will expect "outside contributors" - freelance writers, novelists, journal-ists - to tell it like it is. To tell compelling, inspiring stories. To challenge each of us to do better, to be better, to live better. To make you and me laugh and cry, rage and cheer.

Join us on our journey. Write for us. Read our books. Tell us what you think. What you feel. Together we can make a difference. Contact us with your ideas!
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