Why we publish what we publish

We publish things we like to read. Whether short stories or novels, personal essays, poetry, primary source materials from the Holocaust, plays... Every word has first touched our lives before it graces our shelves.

We also keep our "heroes" mantra at the forefront of our consciousness. For if today's youth has need of anything, it's flesh and blood heroes to look up to, heroes who mentor them and turn idealism and enthusiasm into action.

Yet the heroes we spotlight have never worn a halo. They have their feet firmly planted on the ground, and often those are feet of clay. The men and women, girls and boys, down-home grandparents and out-of-this world protagonists we present to our readers share our foibles. Even as they inspire in word and deed, they remind us that we fragile human beings do not have to be good to do good.

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The more we interact, talk, debate, discuss, the better we can act. And those well-considered actions then have the power to change the world.