CFP: Nonfiction unrelated to Holocaust studies

Do you have a good research project you're dying to see in print? Or are you looking for ideas? Below is our wish list for nonfiction topics, unrelated to Holocaust studies. If you've got a good one to add, please let us know.

Reminder that we accept queries for short-short essays of approximately 450 words, short essays 1800-3600 words, white papers 4500-13,500 words, and short or long book treatments 13,500-150,000 words.

  • How the immigration process changed post-Ellis Island. What did it look like before and after?
  • Citizenship requirements in the US, from the beginning to now. How has this legal concept evolved?
  • Biographies of female PhDs in STEM subjects prior to 1960. This was triggered by finding grandfather's high school yearbooks from the early 1920s and learning that a girl from his high school earned her PhD in mathematics in Chicago.
  • Identify the regions - cities, towns, counties - that voted for Eugene Debs. And then track their voting patterns today. Another topic suggested by that grandfather's high school yearbooks. Apparently his very small home town went for Debs, and now is on the NAACP watch list for its racist and discriminatory actions.
  • The role of music and art in informed dissent. This topic grew out of the observation that almost all White Rose students were musicians or artists. And that in turn evolved into a discussion regarding possibility that musicians and artists tend to lean into social reform.
  • Primary source documents related to Phi Beta Kappa requirements for foreign languages and mathematics. [DEH: I happen to agree that both are important, but why is this part of PBK requirements?]
  • Use of humor related to informed dissent and political considerations. We would be more interested in historical uses, not current, with current political humor used solely or primarily as comparison.