Gestapo Interrogation Transcripts: NJ1704 Vols. 10, 13, 20 - Huber and Harnack

Gestapo Interrogation Transcripts: NJ1704 Vols. 10, 13, 20 - Huber and Harnack

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Gestapo Interrogation Transcripts: Professor Kurt Huber and Falk Harnack.

English translation of NJ1704 Volumes 10, 13, and 20 for Kurt Huber and Falk Harnack, including interrogations, clemency proceedings, and (for Kurt Huber) execution documents. Of special interest: The manner in which the Gestapo played the two men against one another by taking excerpts from Huber's interrogations to try to rattle Harnack, and vice versa.

These three volumes are especially valuable for historians examining the paradoxes and contradictions of German resistance during the Holocaust. On the one hand, Kurt Huber clearly defined his political view as anti-Hitler but in strong favor of National Socialism. On the other, Falk Harnack defended his pro-democracy, pro-Soviet beliefs.

Just when you think you have it all figured out...

This volume contains:

  • Invoice from August Deppisch, June 23, 1943
  • Intake request for Kurt Huber, April 30, 1943
  • Payment to August Deppisch, April 29, 1943
  • Service of legal process, Kurt Huber and Falk Harnack, April 17, 1943
  • Approval of defense counsel for Kurt Huber, April 16, 1943
  • Cover page, clemency file for Kurt Huber
  • Telegram regarding clemency petition for Kurt Huber, April 21, 1943
  • Deppisch clemency petition for Kurt Huber, April 21, 1943
  • Notes to "mug shots" of Kurt Huber
  • Request for opinion regarding Kurt Huber clemency petition, April 28, 1943
  • Second Deppisch clemency petition for Kurt Huber, April 27, 1943
  • Request for completion of scholarly work, April 27, 1943
  • Clemency letter from Cotta Publishers on behalf of Kurt Huber, May 4, 1943
  • Gauleiter position on Kurt Huber clemency petition, May 21, 1943
  • Court correspondence, May 14, 1943
  • Hitler's office's position memo, May 24, 1943
  • Execution order regarding Kurt Huber, June 25, 1943
  • Cover sheet for execution volume, Kurt Huber
  • Prison transfer notice, Kurt Huber, April 19, 1943
  • Request for release of Kurt Huber corpse, Richard Huber, April 24, 1943
  • Hitler's office's final decision re clemency, June 21, 1943
  • Visit request regarding Kurt Huber, June 10, 1943
  • Notice of execution, Kurt Huber, July 15, 1943
  • Personal effects, Kurt Huber, July 16, 1943
  • Receipt for Kurt Huber's remaining money, August 16, 1943

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