Leaflets of Our Resistance: Volume I

Leaflets of Our Resistance: Volume I

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An anthology of personal essays and easy-to-read articles addressing the topics of German (and other) resistance, Holocaust survivors' stories, and related.

Section One: Honoring the Survivors

  • Never Again: Alter Wiener's Story, by Linda Bliesner
  • Lessons from the Holocaust: Renee Hecht Tully, by Michael DeGroote

Section Two: Honoring Those Who Resisted

  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Annie Laura Smith
  • Anyone Would Have Done That, by Dr. Gerhard Strasser
  • Resistance and Memory: FDR's Administration and Germans Who Opposed Hitler, by Dr. Armin Mruck

Section Three: Dangerous Words... To Live By

  • Subordinate Causes, by Drew Vernon
  • Before the War, by Alma Thieme

ISBN (print version): 978-0-9822984-5-9. 60 pages. Printed on acid-free paper. Please contact us if you would like to order print version, since price depends on quantity ordered and turnaround expected.

Price break available to public schools and universities who use this as a textbook. Please contact us for more information.

ISBN (digital version): 978-1-956508-27-7.

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