Leaflets of Our Resistance: Volume II

Leaflets of Our Resistance: Volume II

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An anthology of personal essays and easy-to-read articles addressing the topics of German (and other) resistance, Holocaust survivors' stories, and related.

Section One: Honoring the Survivors
  • Last Survivor of Chełmo, by Rita Whitman Steingold
  • There Are No Jews in Bialystock, by Leo Melamed
  • Life History Interview: Ruth Schwager nee Teutsch, by Elizabeth Wilcox
  • The Attorney with the Conductor’s Baton, by Gernot Römer
Section Two: Honoring Those Who Resisted
  • Chiune Sugihara: Righteous Among the Nations, by Christine Faye Kohler
  • Virginia Hall: Code Name Diane, by Annie Laura Smith
  • Welcoming the White Rose to the United States, by Armin Mruck
Section Three: Dangerous Words... To Live By
  • Fast Forward the Future, by Pete Ashdown
  • War: A School Essay, by Denise Heap

ISBN (print version): 978-0-9822984-7-3. 56 pages. Printed on acid-free paper. Please contact us if you would like to order print version, since price depends on quantity ordered and turnaround expected.

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ISBN (digital version): 978-1-956508-28-4.

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