Life with Ruth. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

Life with Ruth. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

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Life with Ruth. By Ruth Hanna Sachs.

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In Life With Ruth, Ruth Hanna Sachs explores the convergence of German, Jewish, and American worlds, believing that we have far more in common than we dare to believe. When we recognize one another's humanity, we see reflections of ourselves.

Her essays speak of days bright with sunshine and laughter, and others darkened by the chill of wintry ice. She writes of finding poverty in the midst of plenty, and plenty where scarcity is evident.

Whether planting a tree in Jerusalem or chatting with a German-Jewish fellow her age, Ruth finds magic and wonder in the days of our lives.

Beautifully illustrated with black-and-white line drawings. If you love, Munich and Oktoberfest, Jerusalem and falafel, or New York and apple pie, this books is for you. 

ISBN (digital version): 978-1-956508-29-1. 140 pages.

ISBN (print version): 978-0-9822984-6-6. Printed on acid-free paper. Made in USA. Print version not available at this time, due to high print costs.

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