Voices of the White Rose.

Voices of the White Rose.

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Voices of the White Rose. By Denise Heap. DIGITAL VERSION ONLY.

A collection of narratives, "as told by" twelve friends of the White Rose. Denise Heap allows Alexander Schmorell, Sophie Scholl, Kurt Huber, and others to tell their own stories, why they came to resist a corrupt regime, how they found their way to one another, and what they wanted to accomplish.

Heap has mastered the "voices" of these students, and the adults who worked with them. You will be moved, annoyed, exhilarated. You may laugh, cry, or catch your breath.

If we have succeeded, you will see yourself in one or more of these individuals. And you will understand that you do not have to be good to do good, that true courage comes when you are frightened, and act.

ISBN: 978-1-956508-08-06. 

Approximately 150 pages. Pre-publication price is $24; after that date, price will increase to $36. 

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