Call for Papers

Exclamation! Publishers and Center for White Rose Studies jointly sponsor a CALL FOR PAPERS on the subjects of White Rose, German resistance, and the concepts of informed dissent and civil disobedience as seen from 1933 - 1945. We invite scholars of every age and persuasion to submit research results to us on the topics below.

If you are a high school student writing a term paper, a college student with a challenging honors project, a grad student who wants to introduce portions of your research in advance of dissertation, or find a publishing home for your thesis or dissertation on these subjects, or faculty (active or retired, full-time or adjunct) - that is, anyone who would like to contribute to scholarship along these lines - then we want you! (And same goes for non-academics who simply love research - I see you out there.)

Any of these topics may be addressed in the following formats:

  • Short-short essay for our Center for White Rose newsletter. Less than 450 words.
  • Short essay for our anthology, Leaflets of Our Resistance.
  • Stand-alone white paper that would be published through our online store (see online store for ideas). 4,500 to 13,500 words.
  • As a full book-length treatise. 13,500 to 150,000 words.

    See submission guidelines for Holocaust education or for anthologies. [Under construction.]

    We have organized our Call for Papers topics into two separate categories: Interdisciplinary and biographical. Each topic shows the abbreviations SE (for short essay), WP (for white paper), and BK (book). If the topic has been spoken for, the scholar's initials will follow the appropriate abbreviation. [Please be patient - we are currently updating and reissuing and will post once reboot is complete.]
    Please check out the current topics. We look forward to hearing from you!
    PS: Contact us if you think of something not on our list.